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Southern Son Saddlery is owned and operated by Tim Dunne. He uses only the highest quality Australian materials available and with his years of experience in making and using his own gear he builds products that stand the test of time. Tim guarantees all his work and makes sure you're completely happy with all his products.

Tim Dunne has years of experience in a rural setting and has been around horses and cattle all his life. He first started playing around with leather when he was 12 years old. He attended Emerald Agricultural College, where he picked up a few more leather making skills. Tim continued to hone his craft by attending saddle making courses. He also attended a whip school and counter lining school. He has used his real world experience to create a unique line of pig dog supplies called Tusk Tuff. The line features collars, breastplates, full plates and much more. Tim Dunne uses many of his own products including his own line of Tusk Tuff pig dog needs. Explore Southern Son Saddlery's store for all your pig dog and hunting supplies. He understands the benefit of quality made horse accessories, including canvas swags and gear bags and you should expect nothing less than the finest leather workmanship in his products. Southern Son Saddlery is quality you can trust to take tough conditions, like our Aussie outback and last for many years.

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