Leads & Yard Collars

Quick Release Dog Lead $25

Here we have our new quick release dog leads. They have a huge hand loop for even the biggest mitt, are quite short being approximately 600mm from end to end and come in 3 bright colours. And the clips were originally designed for quick release on rearing horses so they are STRONG. 90mm wide webbing doubled up for more strength and comfort and then sewn onto the clip. With just a quick flick of the wrist when holding the clip they undo even if a dog is hanging by a lead or struggling to get loose after a pig. You will be surprised by how simple yet strong they are to operate.




Yard Collar $18

These light weight dog collars are better suited to cattle working dogs like kelpies etc. The slightly heavier version is available in black, or if you want other colours they are a touch lighter weight but not really any weaker. They can be had in fluro green, fluro pink, red, blue, purple, silver, yellow, grey….pretty much any colour. All with a 25mm stainless buckle and heavy 25mm stainless dee.






Heavy Duty Yard Collar $35

Southern son saddlery heavy duty yard collars are made for them big pig dogs that just pull and pull and pull at their chains and dont get it through their heads that nothing is guna break. Inch and a half wide and extra thick PVC strapping and stainless hobble buckles. This is thicker then what i make bull straps out of. They are built for strength ay.

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