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Tusk Tuff Plates

Tusk Tuff Plates are Southern Son Saddlery's own line of unique pig dog supplies in Australia. They offer a full range of Tusk Tuff collars and breastplates. Tusk Tuff plates and pig dog supplies are designed to maximise protection with minimum weight. Tusk Tuff Plates come only in shadecloth with orange and green fluro webbing. Fluro pink webbing is also available for the ladies with either pink or purple straps. Tusk Tuff Neck Collars are available in either shadecloth or firehose and same goes for the the colors. Orange and green is standard but fluro pink is available.

Pig Dog Breastplates

All pig dog breastplates have 2 solid welded 25mm dees for connecting leads, whereas the neck collar only has one. Brisket plates, half plates and full plates are made out of shade cloth covered in hi-visual seat belt webbing. They also have slightly thinners straps around the neck so that tracking collars can fit in there without making it too bulky. All buckles and dees are stainless steel with reflective tape sewn onto the pig dog breastplates.

Pig Dog Collars

Southern son's basic pig dog collars are made out of fire hose with a strip of fluoro webbing around it. This makes the pig dog collars more visible and improves the strength of the collar. The 25mm straps go the full length of the collar and doubles back onto themselves with 25mm stainless steel buckles. There is also 10cm of velcro so the collar won't slip on itself and rub your dog. The design of their pig dog collars uses only 1 stainless steel dee on the opposite side to the buckles, this means the buckle will not slip to the bottom when the dog is tied up or when the dog is pursuing a pig. The basic neck collar is simply fire hose yet still lightweight and strong. Southern Son's Tusk Tuff Plates ensures your dog keeps cool in the heat of the moment. Gear bags, Yard collars, tracker covers, knife sheaths and tracker hand piece pouches are also available in Australia.

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