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Southern Son Saddlery has a massive range of products that include gear bags, swags, saddles and more, you wouldn't be disappointed in the selection and quality they present. Australian owned and made.

Stock Saddles

Southern Son's stock saddles are made out of highest quality skirting leather in a variety of colours, also with hair side out if you like the look and for more grip on the seat. Plenty of dees are put on for breastplates, pliers pouch, saddlebags etc. Some custom stamping of stock saddles is available upon request.

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Double, Single & Kids Swags

All Southern Son's Duckz Nutz swags are made on site out of Australian 12oz canvas. Duckz Nutz canvas swags utilise a poleless design, incorporating an eyelet at one end and dee at the other, this makes them lighter to carry and a breeze to setup. Southern Son Saddlery make kids swags, single and double canvas swags. Southern Son's canvas swags come in a range of colours green, blue, camo and purple with additional colours black, grey or red by request, these colours will cost extra. They all come with a 50mm mattress and standard 50mm wide straps with side release buckles and a handle. Also available are PVC bottoms, 75mm mattress, mozzie nets and straps with metal dees. The PVC protects your swag from showers or moisture which makes it perfect for keeping in the back of your ute while traveling or if there's just a lot of moisture on the ground when you're camping. PVC colours are blue, red, yellow, green and grey. Their double swags have 3 x 50mm straps while single swags have 2 straps. Southern Son's carry handles are thick and sturdy, allowing even kids to be able to carry their kids swags. Leather is available for $15 extra for names. Thicker tags are also available for branding your very own brand on.

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Gear Bags

We also make gear bags in canvas and PVC in several sizes. Our largest gear bags can also be padded and made to fit a good size saddle in them. They come with a strong handle that wraps right around the gear bag for strength and durable double zips with mud flap over it to keep out the rain and mud.

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Leather Ringer Gears

Southern Son Saddlery make 4 plait whips in a variety of lengths. They are 4, 5 and 6 ft plaited with a plain unplaited 3 foot whip for kids available as well. All are made out of the best quality light latigo leather around. The 5ft and 6ft whips also have a half plaited handle on them. Southern Son creates their belts with high quality buckles and leather. They offer plain belts, ringers belts (one square) and hobble belts. All are available with pocket knife pouches sewn on and southern son now uses squares not rings as they pull more evenly on the belt when they are used to tie a beast up or just as hobbles. Custom plaited belts are also available upon request. Southern son saddlery can help you will all your hunting and pig dog supplies.

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Canvas & PVC

Southern Son Saddlery has a range of canvas products as well as leather. Their quad bike seat covers are designed to suit various models. The covers are navy blue and are all made out of heavy duty canvas. We also make truck sides and annexes as well as many custom made bags for anything that you want to protect. One favourite is a fencing pliers pouch for 10 or 12 inch pliers. As long as you do the flap up on them it's impossible to lose them and being all synthetic material, no care or greasing is required for them. Also axe and tomahawk covers are made, not only are they safer but also keep that good edge you put on there.

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Bridles & Halter

Southern Son makes a large range of dependable rope halters in a variety of different sizes and colours. Rope halters from Southern Son will not need maintenance except for occasional cleaning. We also make leads, reins and bridles. They can all be had in matching colours if that's what you want. Colours are black with bright blue fleck, purple with yellow fleck, fluro pink with purple fleck and black with red fleck.

Bridles and halters are available in PVC in several available colours including blue, red, purple, fluro orange, fluro green and fluro pink. Also available in good quality leather. Southern Son Australia also makes extended head bridles which are more secure using extra straps to prevent the bridle from being pulled off by a tree when a horse starts to rub its head, making it ideal for the bush. Southern Son uses thick quality leather to make 6ft leather reins and looked after and greased regularly will last for a long time, they are also available in custom lengths.

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